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Winston's Newport

While you are there, be sure to walk to the store two doors down, at suite 111, where you will find Winston's Newport.  This store collects and sells items from estate sales.  On the day secret shopper ST and I were there, we were very impressed by the number of impressive pieces that were displayed in this small store, including large artwork, metal sculptures and armoires, to name a few.

Winston tells me that the items in the store are just a small portion of what he offers.  Many items are sold directly at the estate sale without ever reaching the store.  He suggested that people should check the Penny Saver for upcoming sales.


Puppies 'N Guppies
13011 Newport Avenue
Tustin, CA
(714) 838-1862

If you need iguana food, a warming stone for a snake, or a perch for your parrot, you'll have to head to one of the big box pet stores like Petco or Petsmart.  But if your needs are limited to something dog or fish related, truly the nicest pet store is Puppies 'N Guppies in Lafayette Plaza at Newport and Irvine.

Formerly Fish 2000, Puppies N Guppies has been serving fish and dog lovers in Orange County for a number of years now.  The fish tanks are the cleanest and best marked of any we have seen.  The selection of fish is not as broad as you find at Petco, but routinely seeing dead fish floating in the tanks there does not inspire confidence.

As the name implies, the store also sells puppies, and when you walk in you are likely to a puppy or two being held by the staff members.  The selections of dogs is very small, but that is only a problem if you are looking for a breed they don't have, or you don't know what you want and just want to look at a larger selection.  May we suggest that if your are looking for a dog based on what you find at a pet store, you have not done your homework.  All puppies are cute, but you need to know the adult characteristics you are likely to encounter.  Research the dog you want, and then call Puppies 'N Guppies to see if they have that breed.  The intimate atmosphere of the store will make you feel like you are adopting a dog from its former owner.

For the personal service, love of animals and great presentation of fish, Puppies 'N Guppies wins the prize for Best Pet Store in and around Tustin.














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