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No discussion on the greater Orange County real estate marketplace would be complete without a mention of Roula Fawaz. A Lebanon native who moved to the United States two decades ago, she’s managed not only to make a name for herself in a highly competitive industry, but to swiftly outperform legions of agents and brokers with much more experience. She credits her rapid success — which has remained consistent since the onset of her career in 1993 — primarily to her integrity, both as a professional and a person.

“No matter what the circumstances, I treat my clients the way I’d want to be treated,” she asserts. “And I don’t simply tell them what they want to hear. Their trust means the world to me, and I know the only way to maintain that trust is with honesty and integrity at all times.”

The other defining characteristic that’s propelled Roula’s industry domination is her innate knack for negotiating the most favorable deals. The former teacher claims this talent is in her blood, and considering the fact that she’s closed more than a half-billion dollars in sales — a number that places her among the elite upper tier of agents in the nation — few would argue with that.

Roula’s decision to partner with Surterre Properties® was a critical one. Excited to embark on the next chapter of her career, she wanted to make certain she became part of an organization that’s moving forward — a brokerage that’s committed to supporting its agents just as much as it’s committed to the well-being of every client served.

“I had been with the same brokerage since the onset of my career, so pursuing another company was a very difficult and significant decision,” she stated. “I researched other organizations, but not one of them came close to Surterre in terms of innovation. What they’re doing is nothing short of extraordinary. I am absolutely thrilled to have joined, and look forward to a long and rewarding partnership. More than that, I look forward to taking the services I offer my clients to the next level.”

With years of real estate experience behind her, Roula has the knowledge, the experience, and the negotiating skills to provide her buyers and sellers with exceptional real estate service. “I will do everything in my power to meet, if not exceed, my client’s expectations, making sure they are always in good hands,” says Roula.

You can contact Roula by phone at 949.230.4949 or by email at roula@roulafawaz.com.






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