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If I ever have to face another Pizza Hut pizza, I may kill myself. Same goes for Domino's, Papa Johns, and any of the other greasy pizza chain pizzas (although the Round Table Veggie Pizza will do in a pinch).

It wasn't always so. There was a time I could enjoy mass-produced pizzas with the best of them, but I suppose my tastes have matured. I think the end came when we went to a friend's pizza party, where everyone made their own thin crust pizzas from fresh ingredients and really good sauce. That was when I discovered what a truly good pizza could taste like. Even the pizza from California Pizza Kitchen, which is certainly leagues beyond the aforementioned chains, pales in comparison to what we created at that pizza party.

That pizza party has arrived at Creations Pizzeria, at 13041 Newport Ave. in Tustin. Just as with the pizza party, you select the sauce, cheeses, meat and vegetables for the pizza, and it is baked and ready in just five minutes. I'm tempted to compare the process to Subway or perhaps Chipotle, but that minimizes the truly amazing variety of toppings available for your creation.

When you enter, you are greeted with a large board that displays many pre-determined pizza combinations. If one catches your fancy, then go for it, but I have always been happier with my own creations. (Or you can start with one of their suggestions, and then add whatever you want.) All for one set price ($8.95), there is no limit to the number of toppings you can select (no 2-topping pizza for $10 here).

I had to ask the General Manager, "does anyone abuse the unlimited toppings?"

He confessed that some get carried away and make a game of how big they can make the pizza, but that really doesn't make for the best pizza since so many ingredients won't fully heat in the five minutes through the oven. So go crazy, but play fair.

Since you create the pizza yourself, how could it help but be the best? When was the last time you exclaimed "oh my God" when you tasted a pizza from Pizza Hut?  (The Cinnamon Sticks and Chocolate Dunkers don't count.) When you bite into a pizza from Creations Pizzeria, that reaction is as automatic as closing your eyes when you sneeze. For its quality, tasty crust and sauce, and the amazing variety of meat and vegetable toppings, Tustin Magazine names Creations Pizzeria the best gourmet pizza in and around Tustin.

Show this place some love. This is the one and only Creations Pizzeria; it is not part of a chain. It is located in Lafayette Plaza at Newport Ave. and Irvine Blvd. The location is great and the business has high visibility, but this spot within Lafayette Plaza has gone though a lot of businesses (the most recent being Saladworks). Let's support this one, because I don't want these delicious pizzas to go away.

By the way, if you like greasy pizzas, you won't get them at Creations. Instead, go to the Orange County Swap Meet.  They've found a way to get each of the pepperonis to curl up into a little bowl, which fills with grease during baking.  It just doesn't get any better, grease-wise. 

Creations Pizzeria

13041 Newport Ave.

Tustin, CA

(657) 218-9088

Hours:  11:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. (7 days)







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