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Chase Cleaners

When we went in search of Tustin's best dry cleaner, there was no shortage of advice on who not to go to, based on war stories of lost and ruined clothes.  When you consider the bags and bags of loose articles that are brought to a typical laundry, and realize that the vast majority of the time they somehow manage to get your clothes back to you, the service is actually pretty impressive.  But it seems that dry cleaners are the absolute worst at owning up to a problem when they make a mistake.  You are standing there with a receipt, proving that you did, in fact, drop off a designer suit two days earlier, but you are met with only a blank stare.

Through the reports we received, we found one cleaner that apparently has a weird obsession with switching buttons.  You take in your staid business suit with the black buttons, and get it back with butterfly buttons.  Apparently what is happening is that the cleaner has a bad habit of melting buttons, and then attempts to correct the problem by replacing them.  Unfortunately, perhaps because the buttons are melted beyond recognition, the buttons selected have no resemblance to the original buttons.  However, when you point this out, the first line of defense is to try to persuade you that you must be mistaken -- that when you brought it in your pink blouse really did have large red buttons that don't fit through the button holes.

One Tustin Dry Cleaner has managed to rise above the fray.  Chase Cleaners in the Costco Center on Bryan received more positive feedback than any other cleaner, and that was confirmed by our own personal experience and testing.  Chase Cleaners, formerly Martinizing, does a great job of cleaning (and not ruining) your clothes.  As an added bonus, they add the little extras of replacing buttons for free and providing laundry bags.  When we tested them by bringing in a pair of pants covered in cat hair, it came back without the cat hair.  Most cleaners return it with the cat hair still in place (albeit cleaned and pressed).

When you walk in, the place just feels different than most cleaners.  It is clean and neat in the customer area, and your hair doesn't go flat from the tropical heat conditions present in many cleaners.  The owners, Jim and Luna Athanas, are on-site and take a very personal interest in the business.  Don't be surprised if they greet you by name, and may even be in the process of retrieving your cleaning when you walk in, having seen you drive up. You might find it strange that we could get so effusive about a dry cleaner, but we love when business owners take some basic service like dry cleaning, and elevate it to a new level. Chase Cleaners is that type of business.

The previous owners had set a high bar, but Jim and Luna have more than met the challenge.  The cleaner is ecologically greener, and the prices are lower.  For the great job they do, their friendly attitudes and low prices, Tustin Magazine names Chase Cleaners the Best Dry Cleaner in and around Tustin.

Go to Chase Cleaners' website to learn more about its ecological approach to dry cleaning and for discount coupons.


Chase Cleaners 

2530 Bryan Avenue, Suite C

Tustin Ranch, CA  92782
(714) 731-4699

Monday - Friday 7:00am to 7:00pm
Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm


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