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Tustin Cafe Auto Spa

Several years ago a carwash was opened near the corner of  Redhill and Nisson called the Cafe Auto Spa.  The concept was great -- picture a Starbucks (but with good coffee) where you could get your car washed.  You could order a latte and take it out onto the patio, where there was a flowing fountain with a pond and fish.  There was even free wi-fi.

But the image faded.  The fish died, the coffee machines were removed, and all the while the car washes were not really that great.  The place really went downhill.

After changing hands and names multiple times, the carwash has recently returned to the moniker Tustin Cafe Auto Spa.  On recent visits, we found the carwash refurbished and repainted, and with a new sense of pride.  So far we have been very pleased with the washes we have received there, but we are checking out some other washes before we name one the best.  Until then, we certainly can recommend that you head over to Tustin Cafe Auto Spa and check it out for yourself.

-- Hari Seldon
June 8, 2011

Tustin Cafe Auto Spa

1501 Nisson Road

Tustin, CA 92780

(714) 573-0880


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