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Best computer store

Best eyeglass store

Best florist

Best grocery store

Best home improvement store

Best computer repair

Best lighting/lamp store

Best music store

Best nursery/garden store

Best office supply store

Best pest control

Best pet store

Best place to buy unusual gifts

Best place to buy meat

Best one-hour photo

Best cigar store

Best Lawyer

Best bookstore

Best bagel shop

Best donut shop

Best bakery

Best place to eat breakfast

Best home delivery pizza

Best overall pizza

Best place to get a salad

Best caterer

Best sushi

Best Mexican food

Best micro brewery

Best Italian food

Best Italian family restaurant



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There are two realities of living that apply to just about everyone.  After moving to a new community, we search for the services we need, mostly by word-of-mouth and/or trial and error.  Then, once we find a service provider that is acceptable, we keep using it even though it is likely that there is another that is better and cheaper.

The raison d'Ítre of Tustin Magazine is find our readers the best of everything in and around Tustin.  Our editorial staff covers all of Tustin and has over 100 years of combined experience in living and shopping here.  We have already experienced the unscrupulous auto shops, drycleaner horror stories, terrible real estate agents, cold lattes and undercooked chicken.  If you start your search here you will avoid all of the travails of finding what you want and need.

On every page of this web site you will find a "Best of" list in the right and left columns.  This list was dreamed up by us and is constantly being supplemented with input from our readers.  Each "Best of" winner is chosen based on our own experience, verified by the feedback we receive from readers like you.  In many cases we use "secret shoppers" to pick the best of the best.

No business can buy a "Best of" award or influence the decision in any way (other than by providing exemplary service).

You, however, can influence our decisions.  If we announce that Guido's is the best Italian Restaurant in and around Tustin, and we get a dozen e-mails telling us that Sarduchi's is much better, you can bet we will beat it over to Sarduchi's to see if we were wrong.

On the other hand, if we pan a business based on the negative feedback we have received and our own confirmation of same, telling us that you had a wonderful experience with that business will probably not have much effect.  As they say, even a broken clock gets it right twice a day.

Along with your input on individual businesses, we would love your suggestions for new "Best of" categories.  Let your imagination run wild.  We already have listings such as "Best Place to Read the Sunday Paper."  How about "Best Coffee at a Lube Shop" or "Best Cold Pizza"?  Maybe not . . . but you get the idea.  And don't limit yourself to Tustin businesses; rather, let us know about any product that Tustin residents need to know about.  If you find a great Internet source for cheap DVDs, by all means let us know.







Best of Tustin


Best nail technician

Best real estate agent

Best attorney

Best handyman

Best carpet cleaner

Best carwash

Best tailor

Best dry cleaner

Best pharmacy

Best transmission shop

Best accountant

Best pot pie

Best lube shop

Best photographer

Best place to buy antiques

Best furniture store

Best craft supply store

Best bookstore

Best bagels

Best camera store

Best sports bar and grill

Best steakhouse

Best sub sandwiches

Best Thai food

Best sporting goods store

Best French food

Best Greek food

Best hamburgers

Best Indian food

Best Italian family restaurant



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