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Computer Guys of Orange County

My daughter is not kind to her iPhone. She has cracked the screen more times than I care to remember. On the latest occasion, she said, "No problem, thereís a guy on Craigslist who fixes them cheap." I went with her to meet with this "guy on Craigslist".

We walked down an alley (seriously, an alley) to get to his place. We knocked on the door, and the person who answered had no idea what we were talking about. Fortunately, the "guy on Craigslist" overheard the exchange and came to the door. We werenít invited in, he just took the iPhone off somewhere, while we waited on the stoop, wondering if he was downloading all the information on the phone or just beating it out the back door, cackling about his good fortune as he ran down the street. ("Really, officer, we came down the alley, handed our phone to a guy we donít know, and he never brought it back. But he was on Craigslist so there was no reason to believe he was anything but legit.")

As it turned out, he did a fine job and returned my daughterís phone a few minutes later. But, you know, even though it had a happy ending, Iím not going to push my luck again with electronic repairs with this or any other guy on Craigslist.

That long introduction brings us to the topic at hand -- a new computer repair shop in Tustin. The bright green storefront and banner at 13444-B on Newport Avenue caught my eye, so I went in and talked to the owner. Computer Guys of Orange County (hey, theyíre "guys" too; that wasnít even planned) are in the space formerly occupied by Minuteman Press.

Thereís a good vibe about the place the minute you enter, like these guys enjoy what they are doing. I donít have anything per se against computer service providers like the Geek Squad from Best Buy, but it always feels too institutional since they must adhere to the big company procedures and profit formula. Walk into Computer Guys and you can chat about what you need, confident that when you come back youíll likely be talking to the same person, not a big box employee who happens to be working that shift.

Computer Guys offers in-home service at $79 per hour with a one-hour minimum charge. Theyíll even come out after 7:00 p.m. if thatís when your computer decides to blow up, but then the charge is $89 per hour. And yes they do replace iPhone screens, at $109 for a 3G, and $130 for the 4 and 4S (but at the time I'm writing this there is some kind of $99 deal going on). Admittedly, that price is a little higher than the "guy on Craigslist", but itís well worth it for the guarantee and not having to hang out on the stoop. Replacing an iPad screen is $149.

Right now, to win your business, Computer Guys is offering an amazing deal. They will tune up your computer for FREE. That includes a virus scan (although hopefully you already have a virus program), a systems analysis to see if the speed can be increased, dust removal, disk defragmentation (come on, when did you do that last?), and some other services. Expecting them to come to you for the free tune-up would be a bit much, so yes this free deal is for in-store service only. For point of comparison, Geek Squad charges $50 for a tune-up that is not as complete.

So, the next time your network is not networking or your hard drive is not spinning, call for the bright green car from Computer Guys. Go here for the company website for a more detailed description of services and prices.

-- Aaron Morris

Computer Guys of Orange County
13444-B Newport Ave.
Tustin, CA  92780
(714) 983-6942




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