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Space Invaders Organization

I didnít think I had a need for a professional organizer, I just thought I lacked the will to clean. Boy, was I wrong. I thought Iíd start with something simple like my walk-in closet.

Professional Organizers Space Invaders

After four frustrating hours of hanging sweaters a variety of ways and lining up shoes by heel, color, and style, I started my search for an expert. I just couldnít get that professional look that I wanted. If I couldnít make my own jeans look organized, how was I going to tackle the garage?!

My search revealed many overpriced, snobby companies that made me feel like it wasnít just my garage that needed organizing, but my whole life. I wasnít looking for life coaching, or some convoluted, full feng shui remodel. I just wanted a clean garage.

One company did not reveal their prices online, but told me over the phone that they had a six hour minimum. How much per hour? A cool $160. My garage was going to cost me just over $1000 after tip and perhaps lunch for the organizer. I didnít know how long my garage was going to take, but what if I had a smaller size project as well? Would I have to find a different company then and let another group of people into my house?

Continuing my search, I was turned down by multiple companies when I told them I had a pool table and part of a sectional couch. Apparently, organizing doesnít include moderate lifting. I was just about to give up when I found Space Invaders Organization. I loved the irony of the name. They arenít invading per se, but it can be an invasive process in the beginning, making you feel kind of vulnerable. After talking with them throughout the consultation, they made me feel totally normal and insisted that they had seen everything and that nothing surprised them. I wasnít going to pay someone who belittled or judged me. They made me feel relaxed.

Their prices were far more reasonable than what everyone else had quoted. They were professional and very knowledgeable. They didnít mind the furniture and even worked with me on pricing so I could get an extra guy out here for a short time at a reduced rate to speed up the process. The two (and a half) organizers got my garage done in just under five hours and I couldnít be more thrilled. Iím going to have them back to work on my kitchen. I would have no problem leaving them to work while I ran some errands. I checked on them periodically and never saw them on the phone or sitting down or wasting my time and money. That speaks volumes with me!

For their professional attitude and work, reasonable prices and the ability to make you feel like you are not being invaded at all, Tustin Magazine rates Space Invaders Professional Organizers the Best Professional Organizers in Orange County.

P.S. They have a deal where if you refer them to a friend, and your friend sets up a consultation, you both get 10% off your next job! Now, who doesnít have friends that could use a nudge in a ďcleanĒ direction?

Phone:  (347) ORG-NIZE
            (347) 674-6493

Email: team@spaceinvadersorganization.com

Website: www.SpaceInvadersOrganization.com

-- Terri Green




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